13 Things that Create Racists

I know we are talking about memes, and how they can have an effect in the real world. I want to point out things that the people says and push, yet it has an opposite effect of what they wish. These are things that they say about racist, that only make more racist. These are the types of things the left did to fuel the rise of the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazism.

  1. Constantly and aggressively guilt white people for things done by people hundreds of years ago.

  2. Shame white people for no other reason than how they were born.

  3. Tell white people that they have invisible privilege and they deserve nothing they’ve accomplished even if they grew up in horrible conditions.

  4. Reject any apologetic action or attempts to “be better white people” as racist.

  5. Tell white people they are bland, boring and have no culture.

  6. Tell them they are racist for dating and marrying within their race.

  7. Tell them they have no right to advocate for their own interests while everyone else does.

  8. Tell them they have no right to their own native countries in Europe.

  9. Call them racist for enjoying the company of their own race.

  10. Call them racist for not having a crippling sense of self-loathing and guilt for who they are.

  11. Tell them they deserve to be minorities in their own countries.

  12. Tell them they have no right to defend themselves against non-white violence.

  13. Tell them they cannot experience racism.