A Big Part of the Reason Guys (Especially “Right-Wing” Guys) Aren’t Trying to Find Wives/create Families Is Because of Black-Pilling & Alarmist Content

A big part of the reason guys (especially “right-wing” guys) aren’t trying to find wives/create families is because of black-pilling & alarmist content.

Black-pilling content destroys the incentive to work towards creating positive future prospects, and alarmist content is anything which makes you feel like you’re in “the end days” and something drastic and aggressive must be done.

Many guys have been heavily affected by such content especially over the past year or so, with the introduction of “covid” alarmism.

To use an example of how alarmist content makes you act out of impulse and do stupid things, some Leftists in Melbourne during last year’s bushfire season got “climate change” tattoos, one of them had “CLIMATE EMERGENCY” in bold letters tattooed across his outer forearm and posed with an image of his new tattoo on Facebook, the image was captioned “because nothing else matters if we can’t get control of the climate emergency!”

Fast-forward a year, the world isn’t burning, Greta is irrelevant and no one even gives a shit about climate change propaganda anymore, and the idiot still has that tattoo.

Similarly, alarmist messaging in nationalism has affected the subconscious of many younger guys, who seem to think the world is falling apart around them and that there’s no point in doing anything constructive. This lays the groundwork for either total inaction or impulsive action such as vandalism, violence and race-hate gangs which they call “accelerationism”, which is accelerating towards an imaginary societal collapse which actually won’t happen.

If you think accelerating the murder and mistreatment of whites will result in a “flash-bang collapse” of civilisation and a race-war, look at South Africa. Whites are literally chopped up with machetes inside their own homes by blacks, and half of the whites there are still Leftists watching TV thinking it won’t happen to them because they’re not racist. Is that what we’re accelerating towards?

Dispelling this curse requires us to be realistic. For a start, all covid is actually doing is accelerating the digitalisation of currency (which, through crypto is actually making a lot of our guys rich), executing or vegetating boomers via lethal injection, justifying the tracking of citizens and authoritarian interventions from the state. There is no final “bang” and collapse coming here.

The ethnic replacement of white people has been a long term siege against us and no fast solution to this problem exists. Seriously opposing this genocide is going to require work, the formation of families and the establishment of our own exclusive communities. Again, there is no “bang” or collapse here either.

The final lines of the poem “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot come to mind, when he writes “This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.”

This whimper can go on and on for generations, and will continue to go on unless we stop whimpering and start working towards real solutions.