A Cashless Society Round Ensure the Following

In recent months, the notion of a cashless society has been seen as a lot more appealing to people, primarily for ‘safety’ reasons. However, a cashless society round ensure the following:

• All of your movements are traced based on the locations you scan your card
• Banks will have full control of every penny you own
• Every transaction you make will be recorded
• You will be taxed on every penny in your possession
• The government can block and deny you access to your money whenever it wants to
• The government will decide what you can and cannot purchase
• If your transactions are deemed questionable in anyway, your accounts will be blocked or frozen

Obviously there’s nothing we can do to stop this. If the powers that be wish to implement this then that’s that. But there are a couple of things we can do. First of all, we can continue to use cash whenever we pay for things, and taking business elsewhere if it’s card only. And more importantly, if you need/want to buy anything that would be regarded as ‘questionable’ by the state in the future, but it now…in cash.

The company De La Rue is responsible for the printing of British banknotes. Some of its local branches within England are closing down and one should be concerned that this runs in line with a long term plan for a future cashless society.

I have also heard from a personal source that coin minting in Britain has ceased and gradually phasing itself out. Apparently there has been no new minting for small change (1p, 2p, 5p) for approximately ten years (which has led to a shortage in change for many cash-handling businesses). In addition no new 20p coins have been minted for a few years. This source predicts that within a decade British minters will stop printing all physical currency in Britain, but they still produce international currency and specialist collectable coins.

One of the primary reasons for the Coronahoax lockdown is for “The Great Reset” of the world economy (and a cultural reset which is manifested in the doubling down on tearing down of statues, of art and rewriting history all while disarming and targetting whites and political dissidents). This is The New Normal. One of the main outcomes of the lockdown is the transition to a cashless economy, so a virus is a very ingenious way to engineer this - payment exclusively using credit/debit cards, under the excuse of avoiding direct contact which is deemed at risk.

The war on whites and the advancement towards a global new world order (a Jewish and Communist one) are very much part of the same matter.

Many of the large events we have seen this year belong to a unified agenda and it makes little sense to speak of them independently, lacking context and conclusion. A Plannedemic was brought about, whether real (and inconsequential compared to other viruses) or entirely false, with the explicit intention of global control as a reaction to ‘save’ the world from the crisis it created. One main intention is to erase European values (individual freedom, privacy from authority, body autonomy, reason, debate), another is a racism narrative (Black Lives Matter, slavery reparations, holocaust kvetching etc.) to erase European peoples with righteous justification.

This New World Order has been in front of our faces for decades; the United Nations, the European Union, the Soviet Union, the United States of America - all in separate federations but with anti-National intentions. A New World Order as envisioned by international Jewry has been planned for centuries, and one can see the post-Soviet worldview of Israeli prime minister, David Ben Gurion, for how that would plan out, almost identical to the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. This world is that of an egalitarian, mongrelised, centralised, digital, trans-human race of servants to the Third Temple, ruled over by God’s Chosen People.

All philanthropy and ‘Civil Rights’ movements over the 20th century have been pushed by Jewish Communists that have held this trans-human future in mind:

  • Racial Equality = Globalised nations and mongrelised races
  • Gender Equality = Destabilisation of the family (twice the labour, children forced to be raised by the state instead of home schooled) and emasculation of men
  • Gay Rights = Demoralisation and Normalisation of alternate families to undermine the duty of the biological imperative
  • Transgenderism = A key component in post-humanism, blurring sacred, primordial divisions in favour of androgyny; pushing the idea that one can ‘choose’ their gender like a consumer chooses a product

Each one of these can be dressed up as positive ‘rights’, but no one asks ‘What kind of society are these rights for?’ This accumulation of small compromises in the name of tolerance has concealed the long-term plan for which they were used. The Jews call their sacred duty to ‘save’ mankind by means of social justice ‘Tikkun Olam’. What the secular Jews call Social Justice, the religious see as part of a divine plan, and whether you believe in it or not, one must acknowledge this fanaticism underruns their politics.

This vision, however, cannot come into realisation without the destruction of European man, who has been subverted, unmanned, marginalised and made homeless since the end of the second World War.