A few reasons why people don't want to take the vaccination

1 - You told us to wear a mask, then you told us we didn’t need to. Then you told us to wear two masks, then again you said they weren’t needed. And now you have more or less mandated them.

2- You told us we are at risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 and needed to stay indoors. That was unless we identified as ANTIFA or were rioting and looting with BLM, somehow that made us immune.

3 - You told us that the hospitals were overflowing, that they were like “warzones”. Yet most the hospitals and COVID-19 testing centers were almost entirely empty. Except fot the Emergency Room Staff, they all were at work carefully planning, coreographing and filming complex TikTok dances involving the entire staff.

4 - You told us “two weeks”, that was over 450 days ago.

5- The CDC Spokesmen Dr. Facui has flip-flopped on countless topics and lied directly to Congress under oath regarding US Funded Gain of Function Research at least 8 different times.

6 - You told us that we needed to get the COVID-19 Vaccinated, but the moment we started publicly asking questions about it, it’s efficacy or it’s safety, you banned us, deleted our comments. or even went as far as intercepting our text messages to correct the “misinformation”.

7 - You told us that the PCR test was effective and accurate, then later retracted the accuracy of the PCR test altogether.

8 - You labled any and every death a COVID-19 related fatality, even people that died of gun shot wounds or car wrecks. Once the public became aware of this, the CDC quietly changed it’s COVID-19 death data.

9 - You incentivized COVID-19 diagnoses through monetary payments, thereby rendering the entire medical establishment essentially useless. Since incentivizing the diagnosis of COVID-19 people have outright avoided hospitals entirely for fear of being forcefully quarantined.

10 - You have changed the prerequisites required for intubation and ventilation. Ventilators which are something that was once thought of a last resort medical procedure for people on deaths door, has become common practice.

11 - You told people that if they got vaccinated they would not catch or spread COVID-19. Then when people started catching the virus after being vaccinated, you moved the goal post by saying they could still catch it but not spread it. Then you flip flopped once again saying that even if you get the vaccine you can still catch and spread the virus but that it reduced the symptoms.

12 - Once people who were vaccinated not only caught but also spread COVID-19, and then were later admitted to the hospitals with acute symptoms, you doubled down saying that “now we definately need to get vaccinated” completely ignoring the overall effectiveness of the vaccine.

13 - Any videos, any talk, any suggestion of negative side effects resulting from the Vaccine are immediately struck down, removed or banned for medical misinformation.

14 - VAERS Data has been compromised, and once the number of adverse reactions reached 60k in the US, the numbers were quietly rolled back to 11k and have not budged since.

15 - Whenever Doctors, Scientists, Chemists and Virologists come forward to speak out against the safety and efficacy of the vaccine they are shut down, deplatformed or outright attacked

16 - Aside from the fact that the COVID-19 Vaccine was rushed. Aside from the fact that it surpassed all known safety and efficacy testing through EUA. Aside from the fact that there are no short term or long term studies done. If something bad happens to me, a friend or family member, I have no legal recourse. The vaccine companies are not legally liable for any damage or injuries their vaccines cause. That have nothing to lose and everything to gain.