A Stroll Down Memory Reich

You can’t recapture magic. That’s why no sequel to any movie is as good as the original. That’s why everyone’s first love is embroidered in their memory for life. Because you can’t recapture magic.

Be that as it may, the great phenomena of National Socialism was never for us participants in the modern era of the New World Order. It was only meant to be a glimpse for a chosen few among a single generation upon the earth who by chance, or by virtue came face to face with the saintly European Avatar.

As much as we love it, and LARP about it, we can never reclaim what was for a select few the gift of Divine Providence in Adolf Hitler. A man destined to become the leader of all mankind had it not been for evil forces, and a greater plan that only the fallen Adversary of God himself could weave.

The National Socialist era is a time and place locked in step for all eternity. Souls pass, row after row…
There are only photos, and stories of people frozen in history that experienced the greatness, and glory of The Third Reich. But that magic is gone, forever.

And the echo of historical figures tends to fade away as they move further from us with each passing year down the corridor of time.
Further, and further away…
Eventually to be lost completely from the memory of time itself. Because you can’t recapture magic.