Adolf Hitler was gifted with a magical aura

Even his assistants said that when he was near they ‘felt’ an energy of sorts. Something uplifting and inspiring. As late as 1944 after the cowardly attack on his life he said that he finally knew with certainty that he was acting in the will of something greater than himself. He again said that he was performing the will of a divine force, or providence, as he so often called it. Goebbels spoke prophetically of the coming of Adolf Hitler in his short novel ‘Michael’, published in 1929. He also knew that something else lived in Adolf Hitler. A greatness not seen on earth, perhaps ever. He even believed that the buildings where Adolf Hitler gave speeches were blessed. But this wasn’t so unusual. The Germans, like many Europeans, knew he was something divine. The terrible fires of WWII did not extinguish this. His death, remarkably, did not lessen this.

Once you have looked into the truth and the eyes of the Führer Adolf Hitler, you can never go back to your old self. You are now free from the Jewish lies. Fate itself has led you here for many reasons. A lost man who now decided to question the struggle for which he goes through. The daily misery of our struggle which we suffer from Jewish rule. You now stand as a defiant future soldier of National Socialism. This is your ultimate purpose which you will now strive towards too. We are living in historic times. You are living in a epic and dark era. What we do, or don’t do, will shape the future. Our enemies gleefully celebrate our extinction. Will we rise from today’s ashes, or fall to the dustbin of history? That all depends on you. Do not think that anything you do for the Cause is small or meaningless – it is not! What counts is your tenacity and relentlessness. Make spreading the truth your favorite pastime. Our combined efforts will awaken and win valuable people to our side. Truth will conquer!