Americas Death Sentence

America has been sentenced to death by international Jewry. Unfortunately, it is not in our power to stop this death, but the death of America is not the death of Americans.

The death of our ancestor’s dreams is not the death of our ancestor’s progeny, whose job is to now embrace ideas not so easily subverted by Jews as the dreams of our forefathers. The Jews are burning America to the ground to raise up something in its place, like a permanent banana republic colony for Israel.

But, we, the American progeny can rise from the ashes of this Jewish civilizational arson, and build something jew-proof, the way the Germans built a Jew-proof Germany that tippled the standard of living for workers in 7 years… so Jew-proofed, that it took war waged by every country still enslaved by Jews against independent Germany, to overcome the Jew-proofing.

We build something to last from the ashes of the Jewish arson, we will build something steeled against Jewish influence for all time