Anton Mussert (1894-1946) Was the Founder and Leader of the NSB, Which Was a National Socialist Party in the Netherlands Formed in 1931

Anton Mussert (1894-1946) was the founder and leader of the NSB, which was a National Socialist Party in the Netherlands formed in 1931. The NSB flourished in the 1940s with its membership reaching over 100,000. After the occupation of the Netherlands during WW2 Mussert helped recruit Waffen-SS volunteers among the NSB. On December 13, 1942 Adolf Hitler declared Mussert ‘Leader of the Dutch People’. After the war Mussert was murdered by a Allied firing squad for ‘high treason’ after a two day ‘trial’.


This poster reads ‘Workers break your chains! Join the NSB National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands’.

‘The Dutch agricultural front.’