App off Timer for help with NoSurf

App Off Timer, which is an app available on Android (IOS users have a built in time regulator in the settings. I couldn’t find anything similar for PC, if you know something like this do share). The app offers:

-A timer with two tools: Off Timer, which limits the continual use and the Waiting Time, which once you reach the timer, limits you to access again the app until X time.
-Setting the limit on usage time, which limits the usage during all the day
-Setting the time period limit.

Phone : So because its an app, i will limit my recreational and personal telegram and youtube to only with the phone, i will put a limit of 1:30 hour of telegram and 1 hour of youtube. For both i will put a timer with 30 minutes and a waiting time of 30 minutes and set the time periods limit which i’m supposed to work for my calendar.

PC: For the usefull telegram such as manage channels, helping people etc… and the youtube videos which can actually help me etc…, because i will do that in the PC , they wont be limited by the app, but i shall moderate these depending on how well i’m doing my own duties.

It would be easier to just delete telegram for all this Lent, 40 days, but that wont train and teach me how to be able to trully moderate the use.