Arsonist on the West Coast

Tens of thousands of rural Whites in Oregon have been forced to abandon their homes over raging fires by unknown arsonists. Countless homes and homesteads have been razed to the ground, and dozens of people are still missing. Since much of the air is toxic to breathe, many families with nowhere else to go are forced to live out of their cars outside of town. Dozens of arsonists along the west coast are burning down the rich forests, with arsonists now being spotted in Washington state as well.

It is impossible to know if everyone responsible for the fires are aligned with antifa, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter. We are at war. Some say WWII never ended, and I tend to agree. The cold war we grew up in has been replaced with an increasingly hot war (literally). These are deliberate attacks, and the vast extent of the damage makes a gallon of gasoline tantamount to a weapon of mass destruction. Whether you like it or not, the decay is accelerating, and fast. Many people are now without homes, work, food, and water. Farms and livestock formerly owned by our White brothers and sisters have been totally destroyed. They could very well take up arms after the smoke has settled. It is sure to add further economic strains to the System.

If you don’t have them stocked up by now, consider getting full-face gas masks for you and your family, especially if you live in Oregon/Washington. It won’t prevent death from suffocation (you need your own oxygen supply), but it will buy you more time than running around with a wet cloth on your face. Make sure to recheck your fire extinguishers at home (for putting out small fires), and ensure every family member has a bug out bag and your vehicle has at least half a tank of gas at all times (for escaping big fires). Even if you don’t live in the PNW, I am positive that radically-minded people across the US will see these news articles about firebugs targeting forests and power poles (with molotovs and chainsaws, respectively), and will be inspired to do the same.

So take the time you have now to make sure all your bases are covered: food, water and filtration, protection, shelter, comms, medicine, power and lighting, etc. Many channels on Telegram have been saying this all year. It’s too late to start prepping now; many supplies like guns and ammo are sold out and on permanent back-order. If you don’t have what you need in your possession by this winter, it will probably be too late.