As We Continue to Live Under Increasingly Dystopian Regimes, the Need for Secure Communications Is More Vital Than Ever

Telegram has been a great resource and platform for disseminating information and content to racially conscious dissidents, but it certainly isn’t perfect either.

Some research (WEbHqRllMIfQa5YzpTSJBrNxfo6tu9 Digital Communication Protocols. – Telegraph) was done into which digital communication protocols are most ideal for our purposes. The top picks are as follows and are in no particular order:

NextCloud (Talk - Nextcloud)
Jami (
Briar (
Tox (
Kontalk (
Delta Chat (
Bitmessage (
Ricochet (
Status (
Scuttlebot (
Session ( has not had an E2E audit completed yet, but not a bad choice
ȱ (ȱ · GitHub)
Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing (PSYC) ((PSYC) PSYC)

Matrix (Telegram: Contact @exalted_bigotry) is not recommended, and not just because it’s jewish (Matrix? No, thanks. — documentación de Hackea -).

CAUTION: peer-to-peer communications reveal one’s IP address to each other, so using a reliable VPN, proxy, or TOR is advised. Briar is an exception to this rule, as it uses either Bluetooth range or the local network it’s connected to; else all traffic goes through TOR. Ones without servers are ideal, such as: Jami, Tox, Ricochet, Status, Scuttlebot, ȱ, and PSYC-2. Some are still in development and may be prone to bugs.

Keep these options in mind when communicating with your clique. Many of us belong to private groups on Telegram which are presumably free from moderator surveillance (or at least interference), but ultimately we should transition to a more durable platform that will be unable to censor our messages. Try a few out and see what works for you and your crew.