Referred to by the Marine Corps as the “Six Troop Leading Steps”. Used to enable a logical and orderly process for making the best use of time, facilities and personnel when preparing and executing a mission.

  1. Begin the Planning: Identify the mission and begin the planning process.

  2. Arrange for Reconnaissance: Identify Maps/Reports/Imagery needed, plan a recon patrol and request information from higher or friendly units.

  3. Make Reconnaissance: Collect and organize Maps/Reports/Imagery, conduct the recon patrol and process acquired information.

  4. Complete the Plan: Bring all collected info/intel together, revisit the mission statement & analyze resources to write a Five Paragraph Order (SMEAC).

  5. Issue the Order: This is where the Mission Order is given, and the Five Paragraph Order is presented to all involved. Use PowerPoints, white boards, Maps, sand tables or terrain models whenever possible.

  6. Supervise: The most import step is to supervise the mission and make changes when needed.