Being a Zionist is not simply being an Israeli Nationalis

Being a Zionist is not simply being an Israeli Nationalist, and tacitly supporting Zionism in hopes that Jews will return the favor by supporting YOUR Nationalism is a fool’s errand. Zionism isn’t just Nationalism the way we define it, its more than Jews defending what they believe to be their land, it’s actually the final stop for Globalism, in fact, it’s the centerpiece of the entire Jewish prophecy of a One World Government.

A lot of these “populist” leaders like Bolsonaro, Erdogan and even Salvini have been lead to believe that if they support Zionism and do the Jew’s little song and dance and pray before the wailing wall, that Jewry will reciprocate and show them the same support. They’re short sighted suckers because you’ll never see a single “rightwing” Jew step forward in support of white Nationalism in any white country or Arab Nationalism in any Arab country, or any Nationalism anywhere. They do the exact opposite and push the same views on immigration as Emma Lazarus.

Just last year Yair Netanyahu got into a spat with one of the leaders of Spain’s Vox party and he threatened to direct hordes of Arab migrants into Spain if the Spanish Vox party leadership didn’t do something to counter signal the Left’s support for BDS. Zionism couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves because their long term vision is no Nations except Israel.

While rightwing Jews work to further the Oded Yinon Plan for Greater Israel, leftwing Jews push diversity, multiculturalism, open borders, miscegenation and degeneracy to turn the Gentile world into one giant teeming mass of low iQ irreligious mongrels too stupid and too individualist to ever resist the “Chosen’s” dominion.

Perhaps not all Jews know the shot, but the religious ones definitely do, and I’d say most of the secular do as well. The “disagreement” among Zionists and liberal Jews is just a ruse, these seemingly divergent paths of Marxism and Zionism, in actuality, are working in tandem against the world.

There can be no “fraternity in Nationalism” between Zionists and the rest of us. Their plan is a One a World Government with Israel as the capital, as described by Ben Gurion himself.

ionism is not just Jewish National Sovereignty, but by definition Zionism excludes the sovereignty of others, it cannot co-exist with the same ethno-pluralism we would otherwise seek to promote for the entire world.

This is the reason that Kosher-approved Nationalism is permitted across the world - only the Nationalists that pay their tribute to, or do not challenge or threaten Zionism are permitted under the current world order.

So, without Israel, where are God’s Chosen People to go? Well the Madagascar Plan was never completed before the Havaara Agreement replaced it. Or how about the moon?