Being Ahead of the Curve

To be the most successful in life, you must stay ahead of the curve lest you fall victim to it. When everyone else was buying thousand dollar iPhones, I was buying guns. When they were buying guns, I was buying ammo. When they were buying ammo, I was buying canned food. When they were buying canned food, I was buying shares of cows and other animals. When they start doing that, I’ll be selling to them.

Instead of worrying about what you’ve already missed out on—and believe me there’s a lot—focus on what you can do NOW to best prepare you and your family for tomorrow. The next big boom will be land, and it’s already beginning. The rich and powerful are buying hundreds of acres in the middle of nowhere and actually living there, not just visiting once in a while like they once did. The curve of the general population is quickly catching on, and if you wait much longer you will be paying the same high prices as the rest of them.

Even 10 acres is enough to make your own and most can easily get a mortgage or even save up the funds to buy that much in a cheap part of the country. With how quickly infrastructure is expanding, the value of rural land will be increasing exponentially—and soon. Take Starlink for example: soon everyone in the continental US who wants it will have high speed internet access, which means many of us will no longer have a need to be within the service area of a hard-line ISP. Shipping services are getting fast enough to deliver cold and frozen groceries anywhere as well.

The age of the city is over, but if you’ve lived near one or been to one lately you knew that anyway, so what is the next step? Get out and get invested in small communities or build your own from the ground up. We are the masters of our land, and we are the sons of men who built this place into the great country it once was. Let’s start acting like it.