Black Lives Matter Debunked by Science

Claim # 1 “Police Are Targeting and Killing Blacks at Higher Rates"
When you control for crime and police encounters, no racial bias in police shootings is found. Police are also quicker to pull trigger against white criminals than black ones.

Scientific Study # 1:
Scientific Study # 2:

Claim #2 “Blacks Dont Commit More Crime, Police Are in Black Areas More”

Black Americans commit homicide at a 10 times higher rate than whites, and commit violent crime at a rate that is 5 times higher than whites per 100,000. Black males make up only 6% of the population, yet account for over 50% of all homicides and violent crime.

Scientific study #1: QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Rates for Homicides, by Race/Ethnicity— United States, 1999–2015 | MMWR
Scientific Study #2:
DOJ Data:

Claim # 3 “Police Are the Problem, Defunding Will Make Our Areas Safer"

In 2019, police killed 14 unarmed blacks and 25 unarmed whites. In that same year, around 8,000 blacks killed other blacks, most went unsolved. In 2019 over 100 blacks died from falling down the stairs, and thousands died from car accidents.

Washington Post Database:
CDC causes of death 2019:

Claim # 4 |“Black Crime Is Solely Due to Poverty, Education, Unjust System"
Black cities in America have higher homicide rates than many third world South & Central American cities. Even the poorest white areas do not experience the levels of violent crime that low, middle, and even high income black areas do. The black crime and incarceration rate is also FAR higher than it was in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.
Study #2: