Building a Resilient Community : Quick Guide


So, I suggest:

:house: Moving to small town (less than 1000 people)

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Becoming self sufficient, both on a familial and communal scale

:muscle:t2: Become a de-facto community leader through competent problem solving and charity for your neighbours (if not an outright elected community leader)

:zap: Tell people of coming rolling blackouts because of Govt inefficiency, how your community must be able to run its own power with generators or solar power. Because blackouts WILL happen. Your small community will be the first one affected.


:arrow_right: Raise children, as many as you can:

:crown: 1) with Aristocratic beliefs. Make them worldly (multilingual, skilled in a variety of subjects, etc),

:computer: 2) without an addiction to technology (appropriate video games for appropriate times are probably fine, same with any entertainment, movies/music, just dont buy your kid a phone),

:innocent: 3) with a reverence and respect for God

:arrow_right: When Shit INEVITABLY Hits The Fan, you and your children will be in the best possible position to lead and transition your community from an overlooked backwater, to a highly competent quasi-fiefdom.

:arrow_right: Success will make other, less prepared communities willing to join your community under your guidance. Plan for this too, and spread outward.


➑️ We CAN return to high toryism ( (an aristocratic system whereby the wealthiest in a community have the moral and spiritual duty to help the lowest in society.

➑️ We CAN return to a royal standard, we just have to be the first generation to have the mettle to jumpstart it. I believe this is the best way to transition into it. 

➑️ The Elites will be too focused on cities to know or care what you retard redneck people are doing in the middle of nowhere, they say so themselves in their 2030 Agenda article (

➑️ They will want to starve you out, but will not have the will to drone strike your village. Still, you have to be prepared for the soft attacks, and know how to overcome these problems as they flare up.


:arrow_right: No one who isnt a big-nose (you know which ones) or an old money sell-out has any wealth. Thats a reality of life. Especially when you move to a village with less than 1000 people.

:arrow_right: So what is an aristocracy to be based on, in lieu of financial power? The only one currency that hasnt been devalued: competency.

:arrow_right: Competency begets respect, respect begets power. You will be on an even playing field in your small community, so be more competent than everyone else.


➑️ Networking is also important. 

➑️ I was once told "Networking means youre the guy who controls the flow of information, and that is power", and that is exactly right. 

➑️ If you are the one who knows everyone, then everyone definitely knows you. 

:pushpin: CONCLUSION

:arrow_right: So, competency and networking will be your two biggest tools to position you in this quasi-high toryist role.

:arrow_right: No significant wealth needed. Now is not the time for money, that comes later.

:arrow_right: If you’re reading this and don’t feel entirely confident in your ability to do something like this, that is OK, it means you are like 90% of other humans, and that is a good thing.

:arrow_right: Not everyone was meant to be a leader, and that should be respected.

:arrow_right: What you CAN do, however, is find someone you respect, and someone who you would actually trust with your life, someone who you could see leading this type of plan, and inform them of it. Find a village to move to, and move there together.

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