Changing the Meaning of Words

You ever think about changing the meanings of English words in order to weaken those words? Specifically, “Power words”, like Power word – Racist. To some extent, /pol/ has already been doing this, for example – the meme of “Everything is Racist” By implying everything the merchants don’t like is Racist, the word itself loses its power over the masses. It becomes a parody, a joke.

Look at the word “Yankee.” It was originally an insult used by the British during the revolutionary on the Americans. The Americans adopted it, made a song out of it, and later had one of their most famous baseball teams named “The Yankees.”

Another side effect is it creates a link in the unconscious mind between the merchants and negative things which the masses are generally against. By linking words to other concepts, we can dilute and even completely change their meanings. The elite know this and are currently using similar techniques to change the meanings of other words, like Power Word – “Terrorism”. Terrorism used to be defined as a targeted attack against civilians with the intent to cause terror, chaos and fear. Now it means any action taken that subverts or attempts to weaken the system of control the elite wield. Even actions which vaguely damage the economy are now considered “Terrorism”. They are also in the process of changing the word “nationalism” and have been so successful that “nationalist” now means to be a Nazi (not a believer in independent countries).

Therefore constitutions, laws and regulations are ultimately worthless. If they can’t change them directly, all they must do is change how the words are interpreted and take conscious control of this potent tactic. Let’s begin by thinking about power words to target and thinking about new words we can create and spread to counter enemy word manipulation.

Look at what they are doing with the term AR15. Assault Rifle is selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine and is illegal for civilian ownership. “AR” in AR15 means Armalite Rifle. As you can see mixing up the definition helps of “AR” help people push an agenda, maybe not legally but psychologically.