Christians Often Try to Distance Themselves from “The Church” When We Point Out That They Would Not Even Know About Christianity If It Weren’t for the Deceptive and Bloody Conquest It Did to Indigenous Europeans, but Christianity Is as Christianity Does

“Catholicism” as a hybrid religion was the Trojan Horse which effectively established the Jewish sect in Europe, using appropriation of Aryan traditions as a way to gain a foothold, where it could then begin to slow boil our race. One does not simply turn a superior ancestral warrior venerating culture against nature overnight. The frog must be slow boiled or he’ll revolt. Most Europeans couldn’t even read Christian doctrines until fairly late in our history, and when it was unveiled as the destructive force that it is, “the undying chandala hatred disguised as a religion of love,” an anti-racial universal brotherhood of non-brothers, centered on having an individual relationship with Israeli volcano god yahweh through the blood atonement of the passover lamb, yahoshua, if you repent of your racism (“sin”), and put Jews on a pedestal instead of our own ancestors, that’s when the death spiral began to accelerate. The push towards making Aryans acceptive of “multiculturalism” came through the conquest done by Christianity. It is a spirituality that is out to destroy the Aryan race. It is a religion that breaks us off from nature, from our ancestors, from their spirit and from their memory, with waves of iconoclasm and the murder of the Aryan Wisdom Keepers, the destruction of Aryan sacred spaces, in the name of a false god, cutting us off from our living racial kinfolk, from our descendants, and from Aryan morality, that ultimately we would be ashamed of it. The destruction of our race is spiritual first. The Christian baptism is the symbolic replacement of the Aryan spirit with a Jewish spirit.

Most white people have been spiritually destroyed, or lulled to sleep. We, as those who the ancestors have awakened, must systematically work to awaken our people, to bring them to spiritual life, to racial consciousness, to a renewed connection with nature and with nature’s laws. It is our duty to be productive for our people - race conscious Aryans, and the Aryan children - to make strides to insulate them from this “cancel culture.” Our religion is centered around action and preparing for the coming Aryan expansion. There is no room for debilitating blackpilledness in our tradition.

It is our duty to make sure our ancestors will be venerated after we are deceased, so we must create Aryan children and a sanctuary for them to live. We must create a sacred space for our Aryan ancestors to be venerated, for statues and icons to be erected in their honor, so our Aryan children may thrive there, honoring their fathers and mothers that they may live long in their ancestral homelands.

We don’t serve our ancestors without taking action to acquire land, assets and the means to protect our children, thereby carving out Aryan sanctuary, for this is how we honor them, and everything they went through to preserve our racial lineage, and ensure that there are children to honor them in the future.