Colors Choice

Most color pallets for the typography are usually always bias towards the color white. You can still influence any RGB/CMYK type but if it constantly stays with the color white. If you’re working with a dark background. This pallet should be put into consideration as you want a contrast for the reader to acknowledge your content. It makes it easier for him to access the content as well, so contrast is key. If your background is white however, you can freely stick around with an excessive RGB/CMYK without the need to have a white bias color. As for the typography type, see what most marketers use for design, and of course analyze and see if the marketer’s typography fits well with the theme of your content. Most marketers use Helvetica, Arial and Times New Roman, but there are more than just those three.

The deal here is that it applies basic semiotics. Assuming people treat the color “Red” as “Evil” which can be used to highlight a point you’re trying to make. Keyword would be “Evil” which you can always paint it as red so people can identify a form of hostility and then paint “Good” as blue (which is strange at first) but people identify the color as a way to guide one’s reputation. Red is often seen as bad or evil. Blue is often seen as positive or good. Grey is often neutral statement same goes to some other colors. Yellow relates to a warning or something hazardous/caution. There are more colors in question that you could use. They don’t always regard to what I said above it really depends on the subject you’re discussing. but overall knowledgeable. Basic color communication is Semiotically used to shit on people, and it works so perfectly well.