Comment Section PsyOps

I know this seems like something basic, but this could be a useful technique in information warfare. Most people when they comment on something, they just mention their opinion. This could be used to control a narrative, but there are some things people should note.

It is important that if you do want to control the narrative in a comment section, your comment must be one of the first few comments on the post. If your late your comment will have less of an impact. A post only has so much time where it is popular, and only so much time people are going to be commenting and reading comments. The more people comment, the more likely your comment will get buried in with the rest.

When you make a comment, it is important that you say something bold and intriguing. Most people when they comment on a post, they either just state their opinion, or they just throw an insult. Basically, make your comment a meme, whether you use a picture or not, you just need to make your comment an idea that stands out. If it grabs people’s attention, then it has the potential to be successful. Another goal you should focus on is making sure people comment back. When they do, you can start a dialect, if they don’t report you or stop responding. When forming a dialect, you want to make sure everything you comment with can get an easy response. Asking questions is a good way to keep the conversation going. It important that you end the conversation, with a common agreement, that is in your favor. After a while, when I troll people, I will say they are right about something or admit I wrong in a way. Whatever I give them credit for, is usually something small that doesn’t discredit my opinion. From here it is a lot easier to sway someone’s opinion.

Also adding the word “congratulations” could make your comment, boost to the top of the section, on Facebook