Correlation Between Greece and Rome Prior to Christianisation in Nazi Ideology

The correlation between Greece and Rome prior to Christianisation in Nazi ideology is one of the most interesting relationships to observe. Nazi ideology sought to retreat from modernism and strive towards the stoic societies of the old world. You can certainly see how this was implemented with the training of the Mädels and the Jugend in Germany, whose education was put towards revitalising those old stoic ideals.

In addition, as you can see in the first picture, it talks about how the old world had discarded those who were not fit for life in accordance with those societies. To do this in a Christian society would be extremely challenging, and it was for Germany. This is naturally why they met so much resistence. That’s something interesting to procrastinate upon.

Nevertheless, the Nazis wanted to adopt that same stoic mentality as these warrior societies once had. This outlines the whole basis of the ideology - that the survival of the fittest comes from those who endure the struggle with nature in which the weak perish and the strong survive. Apart from the implementation of eugenics into the paragraphs of laws, the youth were the forefront of this new society, which was intended to last for many years to come, because it was being trained in struggle. Greece had lit the flame of civilisation and knowledge not only for Europe, but for the whole world. Rome progressed it. Therefore, it can come as no small surprise as to why the Germans wanted to follow in the same footsteps.