Cull these Members Out of any Organization Imediately

Gung-ho members who encourage aggressive illegal actions should be expelled immediately. Now, that may rub some patriots the wrong way, but to do otherwise is to set up your members for potential prison time. Just like in other relationships, everyone is not trustworthy. If you have a member(s) go off the rails and do something stupid, you are all guilty by association. If, on the other hand, you are willing to “take a stand” like they did at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, just be aware it will be expensive and you risk your lives, family fortunes, and many years behind bars. Only you can know if the price is worth it. Also, be aware that if you have an informant or agitator in your group, your operation may be compromised in advance and your members put at risk, physically.

Here is an article on what happened to members of a Michigan militia. The FBI planted a secret informant and FBI agent in the militia in 2008 to record the activities of the group. The video and audio recordings became the crux of the federal case, including clips of the elder Stone making anti-government statements and remarks about killing police officers. The defendants all faced a maximum sentence of life in prison. Fortunately, after a very expensive and lengthy trial, most of the members were cleared of all charges. The leader and his son faced weapons charges.

Explosive “experts” (guys who want to show you how to make illegal weapons like pipe bombs, grenades, etc.) should not be allowed in your organization unless you know them really, really, really well—even then you have to worry about other members who might inform on your group. In case you choose to train members on how to manufacture/store illegal explosives or weapons, the risk is great that they will be found and you will be prosecuted. Two militia leaders in South Carolina went to prison when two informants slipped onto their property and planted pipe bombs. The guilty verdict came even though there was testimony from several witnesses, including the informants, that the group had stated repeatedly that it was NOT interested in making explosives or doing anything illegal.

In summary, there are fewer risks in forming your group around like-minded family members and close friends. As you can see from the Michigan Christian militia group–even they were infiltrated. Any stranger brings with them more risks than rewards. A family unit focused on self-protection and survival is your best option. If everyone is trained in survival skills, including marksmanship, and all members are equipped with everything they need, you should be prepared for almost anything coming your way. If society falls apart, or a government, foreign or domestic, imposes itself on the population, your group will have the option of joining with others if you so choose.