DADA Process

The truth is there is a process to be more effective in almost anything. The US and other intel communities have a process called DADA, which means: Data, Analysis, Decision, Action. Data means what you can see, or what information you collect. Analysis is when you go over the data to see what conclusion you can make of the enemy. Decision means looking at the current resources, to see what can be done in the most effective way possible. Action means pulling off the decision you made, sometimes whoever is pulling of the action, will need to adjust the plan, when everything falls apart. This is how the CIA does stuff. This same process can be applied to online trolling.

The first step is data. No matter who you are trying to do it is important that you watch them. There is literally a quote, “Knowing is half the battle.” This even more true when it comes to online trolling. You need to have a good amount of information that you can exploit. Most of the time, when someone messes something up, they are quick to cover it. It is important for you to take note when your enemy does this. Most of the time it is something embarrassing or something corrupt that they are doing. Sometimes when gathering data, you can also spot your enemies weakness.

Analysis is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of trolling, and at the same time is it the biggest down fall of people trying to exploit information. The most common mistake, I see people making when it comes to analysis, is falling for lies. “Trust nothing you hear, and half of what you see,” this quote describe analysis well. People always take things at face value. Look at CNN vs private journalism. I am not saying private journalism is not always true, but neither is CNN. The one thing about CNN is they have good production value, and have been around for sometimes, this leads people to think of them as a reputable news source, even though it has been proven otherwise. Also, when it comes to analysis it is also important to try to figure out what, their target is trying to think. The most important part of analysis is being able to look at data from a logical point of view, rather than an emotional standpoint.

Decision is abstract. When the CIA or intel agencies are at this stage, they usually go to diplomats, or politicians. Long story short, when it comes to this at a government level it is important, that the decision or the following action does not piss people off. The important thing to remember at this stage is do not piss off the wrong people. When it comes to sharing stuff to troll groups, you need to make sure the troll group will have a positive interest in the content you are trying to push. If you do not you just get back lash. The best thing to do, is join different troll groups. Then find out how they are different and what each of these groups are into. It funny there is a lot more politics in intel and trolling, than most people realize.

The last step is action. No sense trying to do something bad ass if you do not commit. When you try to troll someone or do anything in life you have to have some dedication. If you do not you just end up failing, and not because you were wrong. If you ever notice some of the most unsuccessful people in the world, talk about their plan. They say they are going to do all this wonderful stuff, but never really do anything. It is because they forget the last and final step to any good decision.