DADA Thought Process

After you have your base, you should then set up your goals. Too many teams fail because they are not all on the same page. So, the best thing to do after you find like minded people is to actually sit down and take steps to plan out goals. If people are not on the same page or are not acting smartly with goal orientation, bad things can happen, from the group falling apart to legal issues.

i. Reconnaissance, Data Collection, and Research

The first step to any project, or anything you do in life is gaining knowledge. Now it’s important to realize the difference between data collection and data analysis. People don’t realize that you need many different ways to collect data. You can rely on electronic means, or more social means. But make sure you always have a way of collecting and recording data. Remember knowledge is power, and the best way to gain knowledge, is through good intelligence gathering. Even before planning anything, it’s always smart to do research ahead of time.

ii. Data Analysis, and Opinion Input

After you have collected a significant amount of data on a subject or area, you can then make a safe analysis of what happening. When you do analysis individually for each piece of observed evidence, it is likely you will fail at observing the big picture, or worse yet, make faulty prediction.

iii. Diplomacy, Decision, and Planning

After you analyze your data, you now have a sense of what’s going on. Now it’s time to plan, but while we are focusing on planning, we also need to take a look at diplomacy, and what other people will think of our actions. This doesn’t only mean make sure they are legal but make sure your decisions don’t make you look bad, or cost you in another way.

iv. Action, Moral, and Contingency

The last step to having any set of goals is action. You follow through on anything you want to try and achieve. This might seem like common knowledge, but it’s amazing what a little bit of fear does. Another part of action is making sure you are able to adapt, and having a contingency plan incase stuff fails.

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