Different Types of Leadership

Before any community is built, professional or not, the first thing to do is choose leadership. Not only will leadership exist as just one person, who is managing certain task. These jobs may include, Personnel Management, Intelligence organizing, Operation Overview and Planning, Logistics, Technology, Organizer, Security, Scribe, Influencer/Financer, Tech and any new positions. I’ll go over these in more detail, but when start your first team, it’s important to understand leadership needs. A lot of people form their teams based on who their immediate friends are instead of skill set. Every area and community are different, so each team will be different. But everyone should have a specific job. The most important things are these people are trustworthy and smart enough to lead.

i. Operation Overview and Planning
This would be considering the leader. Someone needs to put everything together, and make sure all the pieces are working together fine. It’s important to consider how likely you will need to fill other positions when they are vacant, and also your ability to connect to people.

ii. Personnel Management
No matter what kind of community you build, you are going to have to deal with people. No matter what size you are now, in the hopes that your community grows. Someone is going to have to deal with recruiting and also vetting people, as well as any other personnel problems that might come up.

iii. Intelligence Organizing
Most people overlook the strength of intelligence, and by intelligence, I mean by what’s going on around you. Most people are also not organized in thought. And just because you have one guy recording what’s happening, it doesn’t mean he’s documenting it clearly in case something happens.

iv. Logistics
Most people don’t realize how important logistics is for an organization. In the military, it is said armatures focus on strategy and professionals focus on logistics. This is truer than people know. Some of the best strategics plans, requires the most logistics. In the military there is something known as a tooth to tail ratio. This was the ratio of support to actual fighting troops a military need to do operations. When ever you look at doing anything for the community, always make sure you have ways to get needed resources. Another thing to make sure of, is if you need more resources than originally known, how are you going to replenish a defecate.

v. Technology
Technology keeps on changing. Most young people look at using the internet as nothing new, and considers anyone struggling with old. But it goes to show how quickly technology changes. Maybe there’s some new technology that can help your community, that no one is using simply because no one knows how to use it. Make sure you have someone who can do technological stuff, this could be anything from drone work, to web developing, to just running social media.

vi. Organizer
When you dealing with a lot of moving parts, in a community, sometimes it gets hectic. Some people are more organized than others when it comes running a community. Someone might be a good public speaker, but might need help finding and coordinating events. This could be true for planning meetings or just dealing with people. Sometimes a big community needs a dedicated organizer.

vii. Security
Another underappreciated skill for a community is security. Most people, when you mention security, only focus on having a guy guard the door or some similar physical aspect. Some people might even think of cyber security, but truth is security does encompass a lot more than most people assume. It also encompasses vetting people, teaching people how to be safe online and in public, as well physical security for a community.

viii. Scribe
Not all communities will need a scribe, but some will. This is just someone who is good at writing, that can fill the job as a journalist, social media moderator, or just some other form of writer. Different people write differently and it is important to make sure you have someone who can write coherently.

ix. Influencer
It is no question that the power of social media has grown over time. Some people are better at operating it than other, but this job is very similar to job of the scribe and the techie. Yet it is not an understatement that dealing with anything social media related is an easy thing.