Dime Drill


Warning! Make sure weapons are unloaded before engaging in dry fire practice!

Some of the most common marksmanship-related errors are related to trigger control. Jerking the trigger, as well as pushing or pulling it to one side, will cause the muzzle to move off of the intended POA. This dry fire drill will help to perfect the shooter’s trigger control without firing a single live round.

Choose a small target and assume a stable firing position. Balance a coin on the exposed barrel or muzzle device of a rifle, or front sight post of a handgun. Acquire a good sight picture and point of aim, then smoothly and consistently depress the trigger directly to the rear. Given good trigger control, the coin will not fall off the weapon once the hammer strikes. If the coin does fall off, the trigger squeeze must be adjusted.

Try this in various positions with both a handgun and rifle.