Do It Yourself and Tools

General DIY

The Complete book of Self Sufficiency

  1. Natural Energy 5. Crafts & Skills

Basketry, Pottery, Spinning Wool &. Cotton, Dyeing &. Weaving, Spinning Flax, Curing & Tanning, Making Bricks & Tiles, Working in Stone, Working in Metal, Building & Thatching , Working in Wood, Wells, Ponds, Fish Farming, Household Items, The Ail-Purpose Furnace.

General Tools and Gear


The basic categories of essential tools required for survival in our very uncertain future without electricity can be broadly classified under the following categories:

  1. Non electric cooking and kitchen equipment

  2. Wood cutting and splitting tools for heating and cooking

  3. Carpentry tools for repairs, construction, and shelter building. Photos of carpentry tools.

  4. Preservation oils, lubricants, grinding and sharpening stones, files, etc, for the maintenance of the essential tools.

10 Non-Power Tools You Need for Survival

  1. Cross-cut saw 2. Hacksaw 3. Standard Hand Saw

  2. Large Hand Drill 5. Small Hand Drill 6. Battery-free Battery Tester

  3. Battery-free Circuit Tester 8. Hand-powered Grinding Wheel

  4. Hand-powered Air Pump 10. Scythe

Screwdrivers, hex keys, some wrenches, lineman’s pliers, a small ratchet and a couple of hammers you can do almost everything.


Tier I

Start Woodworking With Only $100 | A Beginners Tool Buying Guide

The cheapest tools for beginners, besides this list, Used tools are THE way to go, try to find them.

40$ Circular Saw: 30$ Corded Drill: 8$ Assorted Drill Bit Set:

5$ Tape Measure: 6$ Chalk Line: 4$ Speed Square 30$ Orbital Sander:

Remember to buy local, if its possible do not use amazon, or buy from big business.

Round Dining Table Build with Only $300 in Tools and Materials, using mainly the tools from the list

18 things every beginning woodworker should know

1.You don’t need nails 2.Learn how to make a simple box, once you do that, you will be able to do almost anything.

3.Get a tablesaw 4.Learn how to cut rabblets and dados

5.Understand what you are getting financially, (the most expensive thing is the wood, there are free lumber in craiglist/facebook, pallet wood is free but hard for begginers, buy pine wood.

6.Build from plans 7.Safety is important. 8.Big proyects aren’t really harder than small proyects

9.Tools aren’t as important as you think. 10.All wood darkens over time.

11.“real” and “fine” woodworking. 12.Perfection is impossible.

13.Don’t point out your mistakes. 14.There’s nothing wrong with paiting proyects

15.A big shop is unnecessary. 16.Almost every mistake can be salvaged and fixed.

17.Sanding is important, Don’t slack off. 18.Get in reps, Experience!

10 Most Common Woodworking Mistakes Made By Beginners

1.The Forgotten thickness of the saw cut.
3. Finishing in a Dirty Environment
4.Dangerous Rag Disposal
5.Using the Wrong Tool for the Job
6.Router Burn
7.Dull Blades and Bits
8.Moisture Mistakes
9.Improper Ripping
10. Lazy Handling

Tier II

The incredible English Joiner’s Bench , This channel is great for starters

Perfect Bench for begging or intermediate woodwork who doesnt have a lot money and doesnt have a lot of skill.

The materials bill is very small and efficient use of materialis.

Wood + fasteners + adhesive = 100 dollars, that anyone can buy.

Tools in this build

1.Wooden Handscrew Clamp:
3.Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive:
4.Caulk Gun
5.Ball Pein Hammer