Do Not G et Demoralized


  • It took 500 years to go from Buddha to Buddhism.
  • It took 300 years to go from Christ to Christianity.
  • National Socialism is less than 100 years old. And Adolf Hitler has only been dead for 73 years.

Prepare to fight to the death for National Socialism and a White future. I have noticed that once Jews fail to obfuscate the truth in front of my eyes, some of them resort to demoralization and blackpills, like bragging about 1945, when they won one battle of a long struggle, or the Weimar conditions they impose today, which they constantly brag as un-rectifiable. The rest either block me or comtinue to dodge the topic. You may notice that the Jewish press will brag about a Jewish social change primarily to blackpill us. Always remain whitepilled, and prepare to fight for our future, not as individuals, but collectvely as a race. Also use the blackpills they dispense to redpill normies.