DOX & Drop

This is an educational piece on how devastating a dox attack could be, and some techniques used to dox and drop. I will also be giving hypothetical examples.

A successful dox attack always has two main steps: Recon and Raid. Recon basically means getting information, while raiding means acting on freshly found information. If this is done effectively, it could be devastating to a person’s life. Even false but believable information can go a long way when trying to cause havoc in someone’s life.

The first step is Recon. This is where you gather information on whoever you are attacking. For instance, knowing a vice or flaw in a person’s life could go a long way. Some important things to take into consideration are does the person own a business, does the person have young children, does the person the persons love life, does the person have a substance problem. Almost anything could be used for this. Where they live, and certain traits can also help too. To be honest if you know what car they drive and you have access to their vehicle, even if it’s locked can help.

The second part is the raid. This is where things get fun. You need to understand how to exploit information. This takes some creativity, knowledge and courage. If you get information and fail to act on it, it will be all for nothing. Some examples are:

Let’s say the person owns a business. If someone anonymously reports them to OSHA or the IRS, it will at least give them a headache, or best-case scenario it they get their business shut down. If a person has children, anonymously reporting then to CPS could have their family split up. Especially when you consider that CPS agents are normally rewarder after they break up a family. There’re also the possibilities of utilizing a person love life and breaking that up. Or if they have a substance problem, that also exploitable. Something interesting to note about people with substance abuse problems, is that pulling social engineering attacks against them is easy. Just get them drunk or high, and soon they will start giving up information, if you talk to them the right way. Cocaine and crack are the best to use for gaslighting, due to how people get energetics, so they act and talk quicker than they think, and it does make the person more paranoid.

Sometimes something as simple as having some incriminating intelligence and knowing who the rivals are can be used. Pretty easy if you think about how deviating it would be to give away information to their rivals. Even if you troll someone who is aggressive and powerful, with your target’s identity. The person you are trolling, could go after the persons who you are pretending to be. All you need to do is get information and use it the right way and you can change a person’s life.