Epstein's supplier Jean-Luc Ben Chamoul

Ben Chamoul was born in 1946 in Paris into a jewish family from north-africa.

He started in the modeling-bussiness in the 70’s and founded his own agency with his brother Arnaud in 1988. By this time they had changed their name to Brunel.

Brunel was accused of drugging and raping dozens of models in the eighties, often with his friend Claude Haddad. Haddad, who had the same background as Ben Chamoul/Brunel (the Hadads are Tunesian jews) partly admitted the accusations.

This however didn’t stop Brunel, who opened a new agency called MC2 models, with offices in NY, Miami and Tel Aviv. Jeffrey Epstein was the financier behind it. They met through Ghislaine Maxwell.

He is accused of supplying Epstein with underage girls for sexual abuse. One testimony speaks of three twelve-year-old girls being flown to France by Brunel as a “Birthday present” for Epstein.
Most of the abuse however happened on Epstein’s private island Little St. James.

Brunel went into hiding in 2019 after Epstein’s death. He was arrested in Paris in december 2020 as he was trying to escape to Senegal, and awaits trial.

As far as we known he is not suicidal.