Escaping the Lotus-Eater Machines

Youtube and Tiktok are the biggest time wasters of today. They are engineered for maximum engagement, keeping you hooked while offering nothing in return. It’s easy to get caught in their trap and never escape, eating the lotus forever as your time passes away. Youtube can be used as a powerful tool for learning, but you have to start using it like a tool. Tiktok I’m not aware of any benefits simply because I’ve never used it.

First, stop using Youtube’s recommendation algorithm which will keep providing you with videos meant to engage you. The easiest way to do this would be to either delete your account or to block the video links with adblock. If done right. Youtube will look like a blank screen with a search bar. I’ve had this setting for over a month and it has cut my usage of the site from 2 hours a day of mindless watching to 2 hours per week of intentional use. As for Tiktok, just delete that shit ASAP.

How to clean your youtube recomendations.

  1. Download any adblock (I use UBlock Origin)
  2. In uBlock, add this line to your filters >