Establishing Meeting Schedule

Establishing a meeting schedule is important. It’s also important that these meetings are able to meet with everyone’s available time. If some one is important enough, with contributions to the group, and works hours that make it hard to meet up, make sure you have a way for them to hand off work and stay up to date.
Also set up two different schedules once your community is under of being built. Have a public meeting, for new members, and so you can safely vet people. These are the meetings you talk about publicly. Then have a private meeting, so you’re safer from getting raided. These are the ones that are invite only. Maybe your schedule is something like:

1st and 3rd weeks of the month are for public meetings
2nd and 4th weeks of the month are for private meetings

Public Meetings

i. Current Events
This should be one of the most important things to convey to the public, but when working with a small community. What’s going on in the local area or how politics will affect the living situation of a certain community. This should all be made public, as well as proper responses to upcoming scenarios.

ii. Upcoming Community Events
There might be public event being held in your area. They can be places to network and meet other people. It can also be good to spend time to plan and have other small community events, so you can bond. Maybe you’ll be having training events or other fun events.

iii. Funding
Yes, this is a problem with running community events. It’s funding. We need money to supports events, and sometimes that becomes a problem. It is good to have ways of funding your operation. You can as for help with funding directly, or you can have some small business of selling something or providing some other service. Maybe your community puts out a weekly pamphlet, maybe you give away advertising space on your pamphlet for donations.

iv. Health
It might seem like something personal. Talking about health and fitness at an open level can be a good thing. Hiking and working out are good ways to bond and bring people together. It’s also important to make sure you are maintaining a healthy community. Just don’t get too personal. Also showing people that you genuinely care about their health can make you look like a good community. And health isn’t just limited to conversation, but can be having a community sport game. Hiking or even anything out door related can be very beneficial.

Secret Meetings

i. Future Operations
These are your future plans. It’s never a good idea to let any enemy know what your plans are. That is why these are discussed in private meetings. Now I’m not saying keep public events secrets, but if you are working on anything that has any kind of potential threat of being subverted, it’s best to keep this under wraps.

ii. Logistical Activity
The more your community grows and commits to a community, it’s important to keep in mind the logistics of it. Just like how in the public meeting we mentioned how funding is important, to keep operations running. Logistics is important too. This is the other end of how the money might be allocated, all the way to supply. Logistics can also involve travel for your community, if many of your group are traveling somewhere. This should be kept quite since it does introduce vulnerabilities in your community, if these are too public. But at the same time networking with people and business in your local area can go a long way logistically speaking.

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Where would we be able to establish group meets? As far as i know, i think im the only person in a 50km radius that even uses this.

Not many people use this site. But if you find people locally who have similar interest as you. I would definitely, not hesitate to start something. Just be safe.

Yeah man, trying to. Hard thing to do offline though.

Join groups that already exist. Keep your intention to yourself, but look for other like minded indivisuals.

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