The Germans were very far in advance of the allies with regards to technology during and at the end of WW2.

None of Germans UFO scientists were captured, and none of the German UFO technology was found when the Allied forces stole everything else from their country at the end of WW2. (Wernher Von Braun, who famously went to work in the United States, was a rocket scientist, this was very old technology compared to what the UFO scientists were developing)

Around 250,000 Germans were unaccounted for at the end of the war. The population census showed around 250,000 were missing.

Some German U boats were intercepted heading to the South America region carrying many young men – the few U Boats that were intercepted had many more men than what was needed for a U boat crew.

Many, if not all, of the large German U boats were found to be missing by the Allied Forces when they ransacked Germany.

There is no real evidence Hitler committed suicide. And a great deal of evidence and testimony to suggest he escaped and that he had a contingency plan. See links below for evidence.

The entire Reichsbank Treasure, (All of Germany’s reserves) disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin, before the end of the war. The Germans also had some expert jewish forgers to create currencies from around the world.

Towards the end of the war the Germans invested large amounts of money in various companies in neutral countries around the world. The total was in the Billions. They also deposited money in the banks of neutral countries.

There was a ‘fly over’ in Washington DC with flying saucers in 1952 – possibly as a show of strength and a warning by the Germans – as the Allied Forces were trying to destroy the breakaway Germans in Antarctica.

The Germans were investigating going to Mars and the Moon. They were possibly even flying there as early as the 1940’s – it looks like that they had the capability to do this in the 40’s.

The Germans were the greatest inventors and engineers, winning worldwide awards year after year. But all their truly great high technology brains did not fall into the Allies hands.

The National Socialist Germans sent out various expeditions to Antarctica – to explore and map. (photos and documents exist)

There was talk of an impenetrable fortress that Adolf Hitler had built in Antarctica