Financial and life advice: Think long term!

Planning your time is a very important skill that is not being used anymore.
If you were to go back in the past, Agendas and Diaries were very popular, why?
Because it allows you to plan and monitor your daily activities, where you write down ideas and plans covering a specified objective.
This method works and will keep you motivated. Do not solely rely on your memory unless you have peers to remind you on a daily basis.
This method is very effective and cheap, with just 3 $/€ you can buy a ball point pen and a notebook, consider it a worth while investment.
For example, I use an agenda that keeps me motivated and up to plan,
I use it to track my workouts, learning, appointments and making sure my work goals are accomplished.
It has greatly improved my life,
Turn idleness into action!
Action is what we need for ourselves and this movement.
Staying active is important, while our enemy sloths himself with unimportant pleasures which do not help in the progress of humanity and our people.

“You must train harder than the enemy who is trying to kill you. You will get all the rest you need in the grave.” - Leon Degrelle