Five Paragraph Order (S.M.E.A.C.)

A Five Paragraph Order is a method of presenting the mission brief and details. This holds an extensive amount of information when used to it full extent. SMEAC’s can be used in many environments. From large operations with multiple units, all the way to a single unit planning an op in the field from scratch. This method is adaptable to any situation.

  1. Situation: The situation paragraph contains information on the overall status and disposition of both friendly and enemy forces. Think of this as the “Back Story”.

  2. Mission: Simply state the mission and objectives.

  3. Execution: In the first subparagraph, give a general summary of the tactical plan or operational concept. In succeeding subparagraphs, assign missions to each subunit. In the next to last subparagraph designate and assign missions to reserve units.

  4. Admin & Logistics: Supply, evacuation, transportation, service, personnel and miscellaneous. These are the details that help support a mission. Command &

  5. Signal: Communications, Chain of Command, POC’s, Challenge and Pass, Code words, etc. Ensure call signs and terminology are covered in this paragraph.