Five Ways to Break the Spirit of a Nation – by Aspen Dunn

Inside five ways to break the spirit of a nation, I have written down the most necessary tools to complete the action of subversion so that it can be used by anyone who knows how to use them right, regardless if they are doing it for the right reasons or the wrong reasons. Due to the current climate of the world politically and socially, the world is ripe for picking in new practices of ideologies that can change the face of this world forever. The idea of five ways to break the spirit of a nation is completely unique to me and this is only based upon the social and political changes that I myself have witnessed. I give my thanks to Yuri Bezmenov, who has influenced me the most to write about these five powerful and unique points.

• Use propaganda

Drive the private thoughts, opinions and beliefs of individuals to the desired outcome of what you want them to believe. The use of propaganda can be applied in multiple ways such as movies (like you see in the cinema), art (like you see in posters, galleries etc.), education (like in schools and universities), media (like in news broadcasts and social media), and much more. Propaganda has to be implemented thoroughly enough that it is able to change individual opinion without being noticed that it is changing the individual opinion, ofwhich then the individual opinion becomes the collective opinion of the collective group,which then results in solidarity. If your propaganda is implemented well enough, you will see a social topic form around it, verbally spoken or privately shared; like pressing the share button on your social media platform. This is the art of psychological manipulation in propaganda.

• Destroy national pride
To have pride in one’s nation is to be patriotic/nationalistic with the feeling of devotion to your people whether it is ethnically, culturally, politically, or historically. In order to remove national pride, all areas of this patriotism/nationalism must either be subverted into a new belief, or it must be boycotted (mocked). To do this break down, the use of ideology and propaganda has to be implemented. One element I can take from this is from a historical point of pride. Although this can apply to any country in the world, western countries in particularly have been taught to indulge in a festival of guilt for what their country’s inhabitants had done to the peoples of foreign lands. Whether good or bad, the focus is on individuals who have been claimed to be evil in their actions, and the use vulgar language is invoked to create a despising feeling for that individual, which then leads onto the distain of the people of that era/time-period, or participants. Let’s also not forget that the rewriting of history is a heavily exercised tool used in falsifying events. This, as well as many other effective methods, is how to destroy a nations pride.

• Disconnect people from their religion
The new religion is science. It only makes sense if science can prove it, right? How could one believe in such made up nonsense from some book? How can one believe in something one has not witnessed with his own eyes? To disconnect people spiritually is to be critical against their belief. You must invoke critical thinking in them and make them turn towards visual evidence rather than spiritual, because spiritual cannot be evidently proven like scientific evidence can. Scientific evidence is something that someone can witness, touch, or hold in their hands. You must also boycott the religion by changing what it means to be a part of that religion. In the belief of Nordic Paganism, there was once a claim that Odin drank semen. This was in fact a fictitious lie developed by a Jewish author named David F. Greenberg, who wrote this claim inside his book “The Construction of Homosexuality.” Unfortunately, this lie is still believed today and it is still taught. When the meaning of the religion has changed enough that it becomes a mortal ideology to be tampered with, you have lost the religion. If you are able to disconnect people from their spiritual belief, you have already won half of the battle.

• Force guilt upon those for who they are
In 1918, a man named John Meintz, who was a German-American farmer, was dragged out of his home in Minnesota, brutally whipped, and then beaten because of his German heritage. Due to anti-German propaganda and the war effort, he and many others suffered the same targeted brutality. If you want to make people feel guilty for who they are, you must emotionally manipulate them and question their existence. This can be done whether it is their culture, their history, their heritage, or their race - it does not matter. This manipulation cannot be implemented by screaming in someone’s face as this will never work and you will just be met with physical resistance. Formulate a plan to get inside their mind through effective, negative, and persuasive speech. Guilt is a very powerful emotion and if you can implement it right, they will listen to the answers you can provide, regardless of if the answers are moral or immoral. Even if the answers immoral, as long as you use effective language to make it sound moral, you will still succeed. This is naturally where psychological manipulation comes into play. Once you have broken the spirit of who they are, implement your thoughts and ideologies into them. It will be as simple as spoon feeding a baby.

• Remove or replace something of value
The removal or replacement of something valuable does not particularly have to mean a physical object; it can also mean the replacement of an ideology, the replacement of a culture, or the replacement of an ethnic group of people etc, which are all things bound to our mind as well as what makes us who we are. This can be done through the integration of foreign people and foreign ideologies, the replacement of a power structure whether elected or implemented without election, or replacement of the environment of which the group of individuals reside in. Think of it as taking a baby rattle away from a baby and giving the baby something new to play with. If you are successful in removing or replacing the valuable, you will see the social attitude of people adapt to the new value of which you have given them. Yet again, this “value” can be morally right or immorally wrong. The mobile phone has replaced the value of social interaction – one thing humans thrive off of because we are social and emotional beings. Is it morally right or immorally wrong? If you have understood what I have explained so far, you will have already understood that it does not matter because the “value” is interpreted by the implementor. What is a paper bank bill with a number compared to a bar of gold? This is how to replace something of value.