From Normy to Prepper

Acquire a set of basic hiking gear. Tent/hammock system, sleeping pad/underquilt, sleeping bag, heavy duty hiking pack, water filter and synthetic clothing layers.

Go camping. Pray, understand where you are going if you die and be prepared for that possibility. Randy Alcorns book “Heaven” is extremely good on this topic. Use camping to destress and figure out how to use your gear. Keep the above equipment under 20lbs not including food and water. Your pack should carry it all and be half full. All your gear should be earth tone or camo. Nothing bright.

Go on longer and longer hikes until you can pull a one to two week unsupported hiking trip with just what you have in your backpack. Get a ham radio and a roll up antenna and get used to using it.

Get a pistol and learn basic self defense skills with the pistol and a knife. Don’t go overboard on cost on either. Get your conceal carry permit if you can in your area.

Read the TCCC manual and create a trauma and small first aid kit. CAT tourniquet, combat guaze, Halo chest seal and npa are mandatory.

Turn you hiking bag into a bug out bag by adding a week of freeze dried food, extra water bladder (you’ll need to ability to filter and carry two gallons), trauma kit, extra change of hiking clothes and 2 extra pair of Merino socks and nylon underwear, and finish off your electronics kit (Garmin foretrex, Nightcore/Fenix flashlight and headlamp, 12v charger and lightweight solar panel, extra ham radio batteries, etc).

Buy a topographical map covering the area you live near to where you would want to bug out to and try to travel some of this route on day trips. Ideally you want to live an hour’s drive from major cities and 20 minutes from the nearest small town or interstate exit.

Buy an ar15, a red dot or holographic scope or micro red dot. Buy 1000 rounds of ammunition and ten magazines. Start doing dry fire drills, mag change drills, and jam drills. Go to the range and practice fundementals, never using more than 100 rounds per trip, slow fire only for accuracy. Buy a cleaning kit (Otis) and gun lube or shell rotella t6 engine oil.

Start hiking and shooting pistol and rifle every month. Don’t burn through rounds for fun, and replace the ammunition you use.

At this point you are ready for the next big step. Hiking has taught you what your needs instead of wants are, and your skills to defend yourself increase your confidence.

Accept society thinking you are poor when you are rich where it matters. Build a camper. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A small 8-12 foot trailer. Or convert a van into a home. Either way use the visual guide to home remodeling available a Lowe’s. It covers much of the basics, and 12v solar systems you can learn in an hour. You need to learn to teach yourself. It’s time to stop paying rent and provide a basic roof over your head.

Once this is complete it’s time to save money. You need to be saving every dime you would have spent on rent, and start cooking your own meals. You should have learned this from hiking. The next 6 months to a year you save that money and focus on learning to build, do electrical, plumbing and roofing, etc. You work out and go to the range and hike for fun. Get out and visit campgrounds, national and state parks, and keep going to the range. This is a very freeing time and you can splurge once a month on a a nice piece of kit for your gear. Maybe a new scope and mount, durable clothes, extra ammo and mags, etc. Just don’t let it cut into your savings.

Once you have a bit of cash start looking at 1-10 acre lots of land. Find a small town with a lot of white rural people and move there and find a job. Then find a plot of land to settle on to. Make sure it outside city limits but not to far. 15-45 minutes is plenty. Ideally the land should have a well and septic, but for 5k that can be installed. Determine if you want to go solar or if you want a main power line and backup solar. Try to find a property you can create a garden on that has a source of water either close enough to walk to.