Galactic Struggle Vol.1: Early Life Overview

In the constellation of Orion, a young Nord alien, named Chadolf is born. Spend most of my early years moving around with family. With family drama and father having vice, for someone young and naïve as me at the time, it seemed like the end of the world. All these petty issues, like rumors about reptilian ancestor, to not wanting to follow in father footsteps, always bothers me, when I was younger. However, at this young age, Chadolf pick up on many things, such as the idea of constellationism, and the passion to study of designing, which ultimately, seals my fate. However, years of bad vices took their toll on Father’s health. After my father pass, he was able negotiate an agreement with his newly widowed mother, to focuses on honing my design skills, and striving to go to better design schools. As I prepare to get enrolled in design school, the worst possible thing happens, my mother dies. With no support and all on my own, I see just how hard it is to take on the universe.