General Books for DIY

The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour

1.Food from Animals 2.Food from the Garden 3.Food from the Wild

4.Natural Energy 5.Crafts & Skills

Urban Survival

  1. Basic Survival Philosophy 2. Combat in built-up areas

  2. The goverment view on survivalists

  3. Water 5. Sources fo Energy 6. Food

  4. Survival food preparation 8. Emergency shelter in cities

  5. Catching and Storage 10. Trading

  6. Guns 12. Survival nursing.

A guide to self reliant living Helping People Prepare for Hard Times since 1999 [Very Complete guide]

Time is fast running out to get preparations done for hard times. If you want to be prepared check the index, there are over 1800 pages on the web site covering all aspects of preps.

Index ll articles on this web site are listed below in a vaguely alphabetical way

1.Preparations 2.Communications 3.Electrical 4.Essential Tools 5.Food 6.Gardering

7.Home built items & Essential Skills 8.Kerosene Stuff 9.Lightling

10.Medical 11.Sanitation 12.War preparations 13.Water 14.Wood coocking & heating.

Back to Basics, A complete Guide to traditional skills

1.Land: Buying It—Building on It 2.Energy From Wood, Water, Wind, and Sun

3.Raising Your Own Vegetables, Fruit, And Livestock 4.Enjoying Your Harvest The Year Round

5.Skills and Crafts For House and Homestead 6.Recreation at Home And in the Wild

General Media


Big Family Homestead is a journey of learning the many ways to become self-sufficient. From goats to worms, gardens to solar- we learn and share together as we go…


The King of Random: We make videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects.

The Prepared Mind Prepare for SHTF… Prepare Your Mind Prepper Prepping SHTF Armageddon financial collapse economic collapse war chaos this channel covers it all

Green Gregs


Off The Grid

Boogaloo Intel Drop📡

Survive Now!



Great Mega on all kinds of Books.

1.Best Emergency Medicine Books. 2.Food and Food Storage 3.Fuel and Energy 4.General Emergency Preparedness and Survival

5.General Survival 6.Homestead Skills Book 7.Hygiene Sanitation

  1. Knots 9 Military, Combat and Training. 10.Personal favourites

  2. Security and Defense 12. Shelter 13. Street Smarts and Urban Survival

  3. Water storage, Treatment and resupply 15.Wilderness Survival

Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books

1.Bug Out Lists 2.Attitude 3.Potable Water 4.Starting a Fire 5.Hunting for Protein 6.Edible Plants 7.Gardening and Seeds 8.First Aid 9.Alternative Medicine

10.Travel 11.Crank Electric Lights 12.Short Wave Radio 13.Navigatio 14.Domestic Animals 15.Farming 16.Insect Pests 17.Food Preservation 18.Food Preparation and Recipes 19.Tools and Hand Tools

20.Site Selection and Housing 21.The Outhouse and Sewage 22.Household Products 23.Household Appliances 24.Homestead Products 25.Rope 26.Wells, Dams, and Water Storage 27.ZetaTalk and Troubled Times 28.Leverage Mechanics

29.Heating and Cooling 30.Electronics 31.Windmills 32.Battery Banks 33.Wood Gas and Fuels 34.Tree Farms 35.Hydroelectric Power 36.Solar Power 37.Lighting Options 38.Electric Motors 39.Generators40.Weather 41.Self Defense 42.Schools 43.Threat Response 44.Community Rebuilding 45.Reference Material

A lot of topics but it doesnt have a proper index.

1.Field Manuals 2.Survival

Survival School

Military Manuals

Survival Manuals