Healing Bullet Wounds

Step 1. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure directly to the wound with any available clean cloth. If the bullet has exited the body. apply pressure to both puncture areas.

Step 2.
Remove the bullet, if it’s still inside the 2 body, with a pair of sterilized hemostats Most bullets
fragment upon impact so ensure that all bullet fragments are removed

Step 3. Apply a disinfectant such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to the wound, inside and out. Be sure to clean away any dirt or debris from the area.

Step 4.
Use a knife to cut away any dead flesh from the entire cavity of the wound, scrub the wound with a small file to loosen any dead or infected skin tissue.

Step 5.
Apply a disinfectant once again and wash the wound thoroughly with cool 5 water. Sew the wound up using a needle and thread in a running cross stitch pattern after the bleeding has subsided. Bandage the wound securely.