Health - a private affair or the people's affair?

“National Socialism is the lens that reflects the will of nature onto the people through the human understanding of survival.”
- Nowyouknowthetruth

The following slides present a few paragraphs of what health means in National Socialism and why it is so important to the community. There are many of these points that may seem naturally foreign to you as we have all grown up inside of Liberalism, however the wonderful aspect about the time we live in currently is that we can look back and evaluate everything behind us and look at this period to fully understand what it meant to live in this ideology.

The health of the community is what effects its ability to function as a whole. The body of the people, that is what we believe in, and when the individuals in the body become ineffective, the body of the people then starts to become less functional as a whole. The struggle for survival taught the creators of this ideology one thing: that nature demands the survival of a people through the cohesiveness of a community. This is why health is of such high importance to us, because the body must retain healthy bodies, and it must be done effectively.

Upon looking back at modern history, it seems to many people that nothing else works but Capitalism and Liberalism, but there was once a better way of living; one that is in correlation with the order of nature and one that ensures the survival of the people. We have seen how this economic and social system worked and it did not once fault under its own weight; on the contrary, it became the second greatest economy in the world.

We can debate what was ethical and what was moral, however what is absolutely and utterly undeniable is the effectiveness of the ideology in practical use, not just on paper.