Health in National Socialism

• In a National Socialist state, the health of the people is of paramount importance. Just like the human body needs all organs to effectively function, so must the people do the same. It is the general concern of the people if a body cannot participate the same effort.

• The individual retains rights to a private record of health that exists between the state and the individual, however if the community sees that one’s health is not only affecting one’s body, but also the community, it is the duty of the community to bring the concern forward to the state.

• The mentality of the state is built upon Kampfgemeinschaft (the community of struggle), therefore everybody contributes the same effort and to do this, the individuals that make up the body of the nation are deeply encouraged to be physically and mentally fit, active, and effective.
Stark für Arbeit
und Sieg

• It is the general concern of the state that each individual visits a doctor for health checks every two years, just like one may get their eyes checked every two years. In this process, the individual receives a health booklet which bears the purpose of being stamped by the doctor concluding the health check to verify the visit.