How to avoid being doxed

De-anonymization (known in many online circles as doxing [from dox, abbreviated from documents. “Doxxing” is not the correct spelling]) is possible through connections and IP addresses but also via social threats.

Do not disclose identifying data online. Here are some simple tips on what NOT TO DO:

  • Include personal information or interests in usernames
  • Discuss personal information such as location, age, marital status, etc. Over time, discussions over inane topics like the weather could lead to an accurate idea of the user’s location
  • Mention your sex, tattoos, physical capacities, disabilities
  • Mention hobbies, profession, or involvement in activist groups
  • Use special characters on your keyboard that only exist in your łåñĝűāĝę
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks at the same time
  • Post Facebook images without renaming the image. The image name contains a personal ID
  • Repeatedly connect online at the same time of day or night, which will show a pattern of work/sleep schedules
  • Forget that these chats are public arenas and have antifa/feds/other anti-Whites lurking around collecting every public post you make
  • Discuss anything personal whatsoever, even when securely and anonymously connecting with a group of strangers
  • The group recipients are a potential hazardous risk (“known unknowns”) and may be forced to work against you
  • It only takes one informant to destroy a group

Most importantly, never forget that we are actively targeted because of what we are and what we seek: namely, the continued existence of our people.

I know most White people do not want to take sides in this war. Most just want to pretend that there is no war and get on with their lives. It’s easier to follow the lead of the media and regard Timothy McVeigh, and Brenton Tarrant, and everyone else who takes a stand against our genocidal governments as monsters rather than soldiers fighting for our race in a holy war. But there is a war. This war has been going on since the Capitalists proved their allegiance to the Communists in WWII, and has been going on ever since. And in this war, the rule is: Whatever is good for our people is good, and whatever harms our people is evil. That is the morality of survival. Everything else comes second.