How to find like minded people

This is specially for those who are alone, stop the toxic idea that there is no hope in your land and start making your own group, even if its 3 people, that will grow, surelly.

How to find good people, in order to make friendships and groups, in general stick and focus to your immediate environment for irl and keep online an intellectual activity and to meet people but heavy vetting its advised.

In real life :

  1. Fitness places, gyms,MMa or any martial arts

  2. Mountaineering / Hiking groups, anything related to nature.

  3. Any kind of conference on history, philosophy or anything / University groups

  4. Political groups, yeah majority are trash but, you can find people interested.

5.Religious: Pro-life activism specially this place where you can find serious and conservative Christians even in liberal zones, conferences, church if its traditional.

Online :

  1. Instagram & Twitter, you shouldn’t be too obvious, just a door to talk to people in private.

  2. Telegram, the mayority of the online activity should be here, more secure.

PLEASE, beware of feds, just have good infosec, use a VPN, and a seperate email for natconnect and you should be fine, keep a low profile

[Note] Keep your crazy thoughts to yourself, act as if somone is always watching, no fed posting

[Note] Stop thinking that you alone can archieve anything, you start from yourself but you need a strong group to be able to survive for what it is coming.