How to Survive a Hostage Situation

How can I Make it Out Alive?

Who wants to wait till they hear "Hands up! to figure out how to survive a hostage situation? Frank Bola, who personally negotiated the release of more than 800 hostages ahead of the New York Police Department’s hostage negotiation team reveals the 12 steps to getting out in one piece.

  1. Don’t be a here: accept the situation and prepare to wait.

  2. Do what you’re told and remember the first 45 minutes are the most dangerous.

  3. Don’t speak unless spoken to and the only when necessary.

  4. Get comfortable but never turn your back on your captor

  5. Don’t Make Suggestions: You’ll get blamed if the idea goes wrong.

  6. Don’t try to escape unless you’re sure you’ll succeed, and even think twice.

  7. Let medical need be known but in a matter-of-fact way.

  8. Be observant: memorize captors name Identifying market ect.

  9. Answer Only in “Yes” or “No” if you end up fielding questioned by authority.

  10. Signal to the police if your captors are listening in on the line.

  11. Don’t be argumentative: Treat your captors like royalty.

  12. Hit the floor. When help comes, stay down with your hands on your head.