How to Tell If an Image is Fake

  1. Too good to be true. This one is given. Anyone who has been honey potted or cat fished knows what I’m talking about.

  2. Look for airbrushing. If someone has flawless skin, almost unrealistic looking it is most likely it is airbrushed. This is common with professional models. That’s why it looks like they always have smooth skin.

  3. Warping. Sometimes you see a picture of someone with a thick body, and they seem to have items in the background warp around part of their body.

  4. Patterns are in the picture, that wouldn’t normally be found in nature. If you see the same pattern repeat in a picture, where it normally wouldn’t.

  5. Look for things in picture that don’t match the posters story or lifestyle.

  6. Blurriness or any other distortions. If an imaged is saved and resaved many times, it will become blurry and distorted.

  7. Use software like “FotoForensics” or “Image Edited?”