If Wiley Had Said Exactly the Same Things About White People as He Said About Jews, the Media Would Have Ignored the Tweets & Liberals Would Have Applauded Him

If Wiley had said exactly the same things about white people as he said about Jews, the media would have ignored the tweets & liberals would have applauded him. As he chose to criticise Jews, he is now banned from Twitter & being investigated by the police.

So the Free Speech Union will not be defending Wiley’'s free speech unless he “listens to the opposing view, retracts his comments and apologies”.

Bear in mind Wiley did NOT threaten or incite violence so why should he have to conform to these measures to receive support?

You knew there had to be something more to that Wiley matter, and this outcome was inevitable, just as the BLM riots were used to crack down on ‘White Supremacy’ once Antifa became involved and could be used as posterboys for the ensuing violence. It seems that black golems are the weapon of choice for ZOG at the moment.