II. Der Jude - ein ewiger Schmarotzer und Zerstörer

• A large part of the bourgeois world saw Bolshevism as a world sniff that was initially necessarily condemned. But when it later became clear that the Bolshevik could also perform in Frank abroad, many were willing to accept him as a Russian situation. Clever propaganda did the rest to deceive the world. The mask has fallen. Behind her stands, visible to all, the eternal Jew. Bolshevism is therefore rightly not seen as a manifestation of modern times. It is much more than a birth of Jewish thought - it is as old as Judaism itself. From the Old Testament to the Talmud, to the “financial geniuses” of the kings and rulers, to the great revolutions of the world and to the Communist Manifesto From Mordechai - Marx to the latest “creation” of the Jewish race, a line leads to the only line of the Jew: the establishment of Jewish world domination. It is only the methods and camouflage that change that adapt to the different times and the respective situation.

How does the Old Testament speak? “You will rule over many peoples, but no one will rule over you.” And further: Yahweh, the God of the Jews, obviously knows what the willingness to work of his “chosen people” is; for he promises to “give him large and fine cities that it has not built, and houses all the best full, which it has not filled, and carved out wells that it has not cut out, and vineyard and olive mountains that it did not plant.”

It was quite clear that the creative peoples who were to build all this would not voluntarily give up the place of their work and effort so that the Jew could come and lead the glorious life. In such cases, too, the Jews followed the orders of their cruel God: they murdered, plundered and burned down, which opposed them.