Influencing Someone’s Finances with Memes

Here is an example of a meme attack, for educational use only, that use memes to influence the finances and wealth of the enemy. Many people fear losing money, more than they do getting trolled on the internet. In this attack our hope is that memes ensure chaos and other rumors, that effect the person’s ability to make income. Even if it doesn’t happen quickly, it can still show, how these simple tactics, can have more of an impact on a target than people realize.

To first start an attack like this, you need to start gathering data, this is the tricky part. You must be able to learn about your target and watch what kind of information they give up. This information will be the biggest deciding factor for how this type of attack is pulled off. However, you are going to want to look for something you can exploit, usually a bad relationship, or a vice they have. There for when you make the meme, you have it attack a negative trait of theirs, and amplifying this exposure of knowledge on these negative traits. If it’s something they are hiding its better, such as an affair, or anything that could ruin their career.

The most important thing is that whatever vice or exploit you find, you can spread a meme about it, in such away it effects the targets relationship with people who have some financial impact on it.

After you get some exploitable information, you then need to pass it on to someone. You literally need to find a way to change someone’s life just by passing on information. You need to have a control target that you pass the information, someone who will dispose or cut ties with that person finically. One of the most common ways this is done, is by saying someone is a racist, and having their boss think that the targeted employee is part of a hate group. ANTIFA is famous for doing this. You can also aim for the target’s clients, if they own a business, that they do something that makes them unworthy of their customers business.

If they own a business, this is easier, especially if you worked. If you know of them doing anything illegal with taxes or anything else, you could just report them. Also, you could get a whole bunch of internet trolls to shill the targets business online and give them negative reviews.

There are other things that could work too, but also have more unknown variables. It’s a harder task, but if you really wanted to you could break up, the targets marriage. You could use receipts from a strip club ATM, in a place that is shared with the target and his mate. If the are legally married, breaking that up can do some much damage, with sometimes little effort.

The most important thing to do, is be creative. Everyone has different financial situations, and therefore will need to utilize different angles of attacks.

This is just an educational piece, but it does show the power of memes.