Interesting how facebook and normie social media is full of mask protestors and lockdown protestors decrying the loss of "freedom"

There’s a big mental disconnect here in the conservative community it seems, and I’ll explain. Note that these certainly aren’t all of the instances, but ones that are particularly abrasive.

  • Your freedom was first lost when the government decided over Christmas holiday (with a skeleton crew in the legislature) that a private entity has the right to control the economy and steal a portion of your daily wages. This was signed into law, and the consequences for disobedience were to be imprisonment or death if you violently resist.

  • In the 1960s it was decided that you no longer had the right to freedom of association. You are now forced to integrate with foreign and strange peoples who don’t share your blood or morals literally at gunpoint: the 101st airborne was called in to ensure compliance and kill those who resisted in the South. They did this to your children and laughed in your face as they opened immigration for people all around the world to take what you built.

  • in the 1980s it was decided that you were too entitled, too lazy, and demanded too much equal share of profits and workers rights to be of any value to shareholders. So, they decided that they’d send away your job to a foreign land and force your children into a future where they’d better be thankful they can even find a job at all, let alone a living wage. They raised the barrier to entry for employment to a college degree which requires you attend their brainwashing colleges, sacrifice years of your life, and pay them to learn academia they deem necessary. All of this while the aforementioned strange peoples get this for free.

  • 9/11 happened, and they conviced the world a bunch of savages slinging ak47s in caves orchestrated the biggest terror plot in history. A group of israelis recorded the event as if they had advance knowledge, and were arrested for dancing in celebration after the towers fell. They were released, and the government granted themselves the right to literally take every right you have including the right to judicial process under the guise of “fighting terrorism.”

  • finally, in the 2000s it was decided amongst the unelected rulers in the Pentagon that we needed to give “freedom” to savage peoples that had resources they needed. So, they invented multiple lies to get us into multiple wars. Everyone was against the invasion of Iraq, the world agreed it was unlawful, but they did it anyways. Conservatives cheered them out if “patriotic duty” on as they killed millions of people and spent trillions of tax dollars trying to civilize savages that viewed us as invaders.

So, when conservatives whine about “losing freedom” over COVID-19, they should shut the fuck up and think back as to what result whining and bitching has ever had when the tyrannical ZOG has given itself ultimate power over our lives in the past 100 years with very minimal resistance (and often cheerleading) from “conservatives”.

It’s time to think outside the box on this one. What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked, and they don’t give a fuck how “mad” you are.